Jun Yan Chow and Lonce Wyse

‘For All Intents’


Jun Yan Chow recently graduated with First Class Honours from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YSTCM) Singapore, studying under Professor Ho Chee Kong, Head of the Composition Faculty, and Computer Music under Professor Steven Miller. Jun Yan undertook a student exchange program to the Peabody Conservatory of Music where he studied under Dr. Oscar Bettison. Over the past few years he has participated in master classes with Chaya Czernowin, Liza Lim, Hans Thomalla, Mark Andre, Manos Tsangaris and Yuval Shaked. For All Intents is a piece for a pair of remotely located electronic music performers and one computer “agent” performer. It is a structured improvisation that explores a novel form of communication based on planning and coordination through constantly sharing upcoming musical intentions.

What is your favorite Concerto?

György Ligeti - Chamber Concerto for 13 instruments

Career Highlight?

Won 3rd Prize for the category B in the Singapore International Competition for Chinese Music Composition 2012
- Finalist in Eighth Thailand International Composer Festival 2012
- Finalist in Young Composer in Southeast Asia Competition and Festival 2011
- Finalist in Kuala Lumpur Contemporary Music Festival 2009
- Finalist in HSBC Classics Festival Young Composer Workshop 2008

What inspired you to choose/compose this piece?

With the help of technology, we can perform a new style of music that is no longer within a closed and formed work. I wish to create an open work that consists of indeterminacy where performers can add their creativity to the music with live improvisation and processing.

What should the audience look out for when listening?

The audience will have the chance to experience live improvisation and live processing directly from the interaction of the performers and to join the performers in witnessing the creation of a 'new' piece for the piece.

How has technology changed your relationship to making and listening to music?

As a composer, I will not have the opportunity to listen to the output from both sides. I can only guess what my performers are going to perform in the other country by using the information provided by that tablet's performer. All of us will be creating a 'new' piece together on stage and we are all composers and performers.