Liesl Scheman

Piano Concerto Op. 54 (1845), 1st movement 

Robert Schumann


Liesl recently graduated from the University of Newcastle with a BMus (with distinction) with a double major in piano & violin performance (plus pipe organ in the final year) from the University of Newcastle. Currently she is studying Honours in Music at the University of Newcastle, with supervisor/teacher Ian Munro. Liesl regularly performs on both piano and violin.

Favourite Concerto?

Currently, my favourite concerto is the Mendelssohn violin concerto, and my favourite piano concerto is the Tchaikovsky piano concerto. But the Schumann piano concerto also rates very high among my favourites.

Career Highlight?

Participating in Piano'11 at the Australian National Academy of Music. And I'm sure that this international concerto competition will make a future 'highlight', as I'm really excited about this already!! :)

What inspired you to choose this piece?

My piano mentor Ian Munro thought it would really suit me, and I absolutely love it!

What should the audience look out for?

Schumann's incredible mastery of both virtuosic and exquisitely lyrical writing, and also the endearing 'Clara' cryptogram.

How has technology changed your relationship to music?

Recording myself has enabled me to listen more critically to myself, without the 'distraction' of playing the music.