Mary Mainsbridge

Code-centric Motion (2012)

For voice, gesturally controlled digital instrument and orchestra

Mary Mainsbridge

A graduate of Macquarie University, NSW, Mary Mainsbridge is a new media artist whose work encompasses composition, video art and painting. She has performed in a range of bands, and has toured extensively throughout Europe as an electronic musician. Mary is the keyboardist, vocalist and main songwriter of live audio-visual act, Deprogram. Currently she is undertaking a Ph.D. at the University of Technology, Sydney, that examines the use of movement-based systems in audio-visual performance and composition.

What is your favourite Concerto?

Mozart's Clarinet concerto in A major, K. 622

Career Highlight?

Touring through Europe and performing at events with warm, receptive audiences like the Pohoda Festival in Slovakia and BZoom Digital Culture Festival in Czech Republic.

What inspired you to choose/compose this piece? 

The piece is inspired by improvisations with movement detection technology such as Kinect and other computer vision systems. The aim is to enhance expression by mapping sound parameters to intuitive gestures. This technology offers a way to bridge the crossover between electronic and acoustic sources.

What should the audience look out for when listening?

Look out for the relationship between the soloist's body movements and the overall sonic character of the piece. The performer's gestures will control electronic processing to augment vocal, piano and orchestral sounds, establishing an additional expressive channel in the composition.

How has technology changed your relationship to making and listening to music?

Technology has extended my notions of composition and performance. Now my creative process comprises building instruments or adapting existing systems to generate unexpected sounds. Technology provides ways to expand my expressive palette. Not only does it offer the tools for making and listening to music, it also provides the building blocks for making something totally new.

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