Jennie Thomas


Philanthropist Mrs Jennie Thomas AM is an extremely valued supporter of the University of Newcastle. As well as this project, she funds several scholarships. “Having now retired, I feel that it’s time to hand the baton on to the next generation," she says. "I like to give with a warm hand and a warm heart while I’m still alive. I’ve been able to ‘broadcast the seed’ and take great pleasure in watching projects grow and bloom.  Being a donor to the University of Newcastle has brought great joy and a sense of satisfaction to my life."  The bounds of Jennie’s generosity appear to be limitless as she continues to make positive, life-changing differences for students.   


Dr Vic Levi and the Friends of the University





In 1974 Levi was one of the first graduates to receive a degree during a ceremony in the recently completed Great Hall. That memory is why he has remained connected with the University ever since. Formed in 1981 to provide a connection between people wanting an involvement with the University, the ‘Friends’ raises money for projects ordinary University funds do not cover.  "We hold events to fundraise and bridge the University and the broader community, and provide a point of connection for everyone." Other projects funded by the Friends include a contribution towards the Great Hall’s organ and funding for the pavilion overlooking the University Wetlands. "All members of the Friends are motivated by a love of the University and the pure enjoyment of remaining connected to it," Levi said.



If you are interested in supporting this project please contact the University of Newcastle Foundation